Ah yes, Who hates the good old wired earphones, still in this wireless era some people prefer wired earphones. Lets see the reasons and pros and cons of wired and wireless.


  • Price:If you are constrained of limited with the budget and are planning to buy some headphones or earphones, Going for the wired Earphones is a budget friendly Idea. Usually the wired Earphones are way cheaper than the wireless range of a Brand.
  • Sound Quality: Audiophiles Swear on Wired Head phones because of this Aspect. The Wired Headphones usually have an advantage over the wireless ones because of the wired connections. The wired headphones receive Analog signals from the source. Which means better transmission and better ability to transfer bigger size of data, which intern means no scalping down of data and outputting the exact size of data for the uncompromised quality.
  • Ubiquity: The wired headphones come with the 3.5mm audio jack, which gives the option to connect to all the devices ranging from Walkman to laptops. Regardless of the controversy about there is no room for jack to stay; the famous smartphones are ditching the jack for adapting wireless tech
  • No Batteries/Charging: The wired earphones doesn’t require a battery or charging, except for the noise cancelling headphones. this makes it very easy for the users to use them(plug and play).


  • Cable: We got to address this, the biggest con of the wired headphones or earphones. The cable is the main con for the wired headphones, because it tangles all the time. And some times the thin wires inside the cable may break, which makes them not usable any longer, not even repairable.


The wireless earphones particularly the Truly Wireless earphones are trending these days. Many brands entered into the market of TWS and people have many options to choose from. Lets check out the Pros and Cons of the wireless earphones to get an understanding about them.


  • Freedom: The user experience is really different with the wireless earphones, with wireless earphones people can disconnect from their mobile phones. As the wireless earphoens offer connectivity range of upto 10 meters, forget your phone in the hall and work in your bedroom. One may not worry about the calls and changing songs thats also covered with Branded tws earphones offering tactile or touch controls
  • Added Features: The wireless earbuds come with added advatages, like you can connect your wireless earphones with any device of your choice like smart tv, laptop etc. other features include: water and sweat resistance, Different usable sound modes, assistant summoning etc.
  • Compatibility: Bluetooth used to be a sig of luxury, but now the Bluetooth is available in all devices that makes the wireless technology compatible and desirable. Though you may not be able to connect to old turn tables but you can always get an A/V receiver and jam to your favorite tunes via some premium speakers.
  • Sound Quality: Sound quality is that we are getting now is streamlined and advanced with new age sound processors. The wireless earphones come with different driver configurations and the performance is according to the driver configuration. The types of drivers include mono drivers , dual drivers , bass boosted drivers etc.


  • Price: Yes we need to admit the cons of Wireless earuds. As the wireless earphones are trending and come with lot of cool features, There is a price war between brands. if you want to have decent sound out put, you must get some earbuds that might cost you well, while the cheap ones are limited with features and doesnt have a decent sound signature
  • Battery/Charging: Charging things have ever become our task in the life style, and there comes one more gadget that requires charging and lasts for limited time. regardless of the battery time that the high end earphones offer, The cheaper need to be charged every now and then. The concept is like you get some portability for a disadvantage, we consider it as a minor underside as charging things is embedded into the human living habits.


If you ask which one to consider, our answer is very simple . its up to you; both have advantages and disadvantages ; but we recommend choosing the one which fulfills the requirements


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