Apple is the master of making fine tech, The Airpods are the first generation of Wireless Earphones that attained user acceptance and liking. Since then Apple have released many models as updated versions of the original and first Some Airpods. The series includes the models; Airpods 1 : First Generation; Airpods 2 : Second Generation; Airpods Pro : Third Generation. All three models offer different configurations and specifications, but, It is very curious to know to what extent the Airpods have evolved in this edition ” 1st Generation Airpods vs Current Generation Airpods.

Before we go into the further details about the differences between the Airpods. Let’s get an idea about the similarities between the buds. Both the Airpods are Powered with the Apple’s H1 chip for seamless connection and Superior Audio Quality. And the Airpods are configured with Hands-free voice control with Siri.

Price Range

The Pricing Differences of the Airpods are not that Aggressive. The 1st and the current gen Airpods come with the same pricing strategy at the launch phase. Currently The Airpods Pro are the most expensive in the range, which costs around $249; While the 1st gen Airpods are available at discounted rate for $129.

We Consider that as a point for the current gen Airpods as may be they are costly they pack a lot of features when compared to the 1st gen Airpods


The Design Signature of both the 1st and current gen Airpods is near to similar, There are some obvious updates from the 1st gen to the current.

The Differences

Airpods 1Airpods Pro
Basic On ear styleIn Ear Type Style
Longer stemShorter stem
universal fitCustomisable fit
Sweat & Water Resistant
ANC: silicon top sound isolation
Wireless Charging
5h battery time: Vertical Design case4.5h battery time: Horizontal Design case
Not so compact as Airpods ProCompact Design

Other than the earbuds design the case design also plays an important role. Both the Airpods have similar design flip toys with rectangular shape.

We Consider the Airpods Pro as the winner because of it’s features when compared to the Airpods 1.

Audio Performance

The Audio Performance is a key aspect that needs to be addressed, Well the Audio Performance directly depends on some other aspects such as Driver Configuration and Sound Isolation/Noise Cancellation. As Airpods Pro is only capable of offering the sound Isolation And Noise Cancellation, it is prone to deliver better and clearer audio than the Airpods 1. Even though both the Airpods pack same processor the audio performance differs because of the added sound Isolation and Noise Cancellation in the Airpods Pro.

So we can consider that the Airpods Pro gets one more point and is the clear winner of the Sound Quality Aspect.

Battery Life And Charging

The Battery Life is one more critical area of the Wireless Earphones that needs to be taken into consideration. Both the Airpods offer similar Battery Life; Which is fairly average when compared with other players in the market. Both the Airpods 1 and Airpods Pro have similar Battery specifications, They last around 5 hours, and have battery life extension of upto 24 hours with the case. But if we analysed a bit, we can make it that the Airpods Pro are dealing additional hardware burdens such as active noise cancellation and other features.

When it comes to the Aspect of charging, we can clearly say that the Airpods Pro has Added advantage over the 1st gen Airpods. Because of the ability of Airpods Pro to charge wirelessly, while the Airpods 1 can only be charged with lighting charger.

With this we Consider that the Airpods Pro can be opted over the Airpods 1.

Dust and Water Protection

The Build and design of the product decides the life time of the product. Ingress Protection is a franchise that Rates products based on their withstanding ability against water and sweat. According to Ingress Protection the Airpods Pro have water shielding level of IP X4, which means that the Airpods can sustain minor splashes of water and also should be fine to wear under sweaty workout conditions. Although they might not be able to with stand submerging under water or uber faucet.


IPX7Completely Waterproof
IPX6Heavy Rain And Rinse
IPX5Heavy Rinse
IPX4Minor Splashes of Water & Sweat

We consider Apple’s Airpods Pro over Airpods 1, Since they atleast come with IPX4 Water and Sweat Resistance.

Active Noise Cancellation & Mic clarity

The Active Noise Cancellation is the current Trend in the Sound great Market. The reason behind it is that the Noise cancellation offers better focus and delivers superior sound quality. And if you want to experience the premium sound quality, Airpods Pro are the only option available that offers Active Noise Cancellation.

Microphone configuration is also an aspect that plays a crucial role upon the decisions of buyers. If we compare the Airpods and Airpods Pro, We can make out that the Airpods Pros can capture much details and voices.

we can consider that’s one more point for the Airpods Pros.

So, What Should You Buy?

From the above analysis we can make it that the Airpods Pros are the best Airpods, But come for a premium price tag. To conclude the Airpods Pros out perform the Airpods 1 in all the aspects, and offer a premium experience. So it is preferable to go with Airpods Pro.


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